Car Repair in Avondale

If you face an issue on the road, it’s essential to have the name and contact information of a trusted car repair company in your back pocket. Cien Motor Werks is the team you need.

For years, our automobile contractors have been providing unparalleled vehicle repair services right here in Avondale. So no matter the size or nature of the repair, we have an effective and long-lasting solution.

For the best auto repair services in the area, get in touch with us at (623) 932-1190 today.


Auto Repair Diagnosis and Consultation

When you get in touch with us, we will ask you to bring your car to the shop for a thorough inspection. If your vehicle is ultimately out of commission, we can have it towed to the lot. 

Once in the shop, we will survey your vehicle and identify the damage at hand. We will get in touch with you to discuss the repairs, providing you with a detailed quote.

We will ensure that you understand the repair process and total cost before we get started. If your car is in rough shape, we will also advise you whether your vehicle is worth fixing depending on the overall value.

You can trust our team to provide you ample support, professionalism, and competitive rates from start to finish. Get in touch with us today for more information.

Unbeatable Auto Repair Services

Our team is proud to host a myriad of car repair services, including but not limited to:

  • Tire services and sales
  • Accessories
  • Lighting
  • Side-step
  • Tire rotation
  • Wheel alignment
  • And more!

If you require a service that is not listed above, don’t hesitate to let us know. Our talented team of auto technicians will do what we can to meet your needs.

Our Auto Maintenance Services

On top of providing the best car repair services in the area, we also offer our clients reliable maintenance.

Regular vehicular maintenance will not only work to guarantee your safety on the road, but it will extend the life of your vehicle.

If one of those pesky service lights turns on, don’t ignore it, stop by the shop. Odds are there will be a quick solution to the problem that will avoid more significant issues or damage down the road.

Reliable Vehicle Repairs

We are committed to delivering reliable repairs day in, day out. Whether you drive a brand-new SUV or small car of an older model, we will ensure that your vehicle is treated with the utmost care. 

We always work within industry standards, as the safety of you and your passengers is our number one priority.

What’s more, our friendly team is more than willing to set you up with a loaner vehicle while your car is in the shop.

Contact Cien Motor Werks for Trusted Car Repair

If you suspect vehicle damage, or if you have recently been in an accident, Cien Motor Werks is the car repair company to call.

We offer friendly, convenient, and reliable services while prioritizing your expectations and budget needs.

To get on board, call to book an appointment today.